Story of
Barry Wubben

    14 June 2021

Barry Wubben

Purchase Team Manager Plants

I joined The Floral Connection in April 2019 in the position of: Purchase Team Manager Plants. A challenging position where I have a lot of responsibility. I can not only focus on the improvement of my team, but within The Floral Connection I also get the chance to develop myself as a manager. During my many diverse activities, I work a lot with French- and English-speaking colleagues, which is a nice plus. In this way, I also keep abreast of the French and English languages.

Working together is what makes my job fun. I enjoy working with my colleagues, my clients and the suppliers. Together with my team, I make it a sport to be able to make the customer the perfect offer and provide the best service. I am therefore proud of my colleagues who are always ready to help me or other colleagues. This is how we can achieve our goals together. Together you will get further!

As a little boy, I walked around the auction, partly because my parents were both always working here. At a young age, I started helping out on Saturday mornings by cleaning the production box and around the age of 12 I started making my first purchases on the clock. Working at the auction was therefore something I was brought up on. So it was no surprise that I started working in the flower and plant sector. I am proud of the job I have now and what I have worked hard for.


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