Dutch Flower Group presents the ‘sustainability toolbox’ for the floriculture sector

    6 September 2022

Towards 90% sustainable procurement and zero waste in 2025

Today, namely Sustainable Tuesday, Dutch Flower Group (DFG) is presenting the ‘sustainability toolbox’, which contains the results of its efforts for ensuring a more sustainable floriculture sector as well as its sustainability-related ambitions for the coming years. The 3 main objectives are: 90% sustainable sourcing by 2025, ‘zero waste’ by 2025 and a 50% reduction in the CO2 footprint of all DFG end products by 2030.


Sustainable sourcing based on the FSI ‘Basket of Standards’

According to the environmental and social certifications in the ‘FSI Basket of Standards’, DFG is already on the right path to realising its objective of 90% sustainable sourcing. In 2021, the first year when additional regulations came into effect, DFG managed to realise a commendable 70%. Due to its Sustainable Sourcing Scan, DFG has a detailed monthly insight into the sustainably acquired flowers and plants by all DFG companies. “When combined with all the hard work of our growers, buyers and CSR ambassadors, this offers enough hope to grow towards the intended 90% by 2025,” says Marcel Zandvliet, Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) at DFG.

‘Zero waste’ by 2025

The objective of DFG companies is to half the plastic packaging used for its end products by 2025. In addition, DFG aims to completely eradicate its waste flows (‘zero waste’) by 2025. DFG companies will realise this by adhering to a plan of action.

Duurzame dinsdag persbericht 06-09-22
Marcel Zandvliet (CMO and CSO DFG) and Raimon Loman (CSR Manager DFG) presenting the sustainability toolkit during the DFG Sustainability week 2022
Duurzame dinsdag - koffer 06-09-22
The ‘sustainability toolbox

50% reduction in CO2 footprint of end products by 2030

DFG has committed to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) for the CO2 emissions of its companies and emissions in the whole supply chain. In order to calculate the CO2 footprint of its end products in a uniform manner, DFG works with supply chain partners to test the new international benchmark for the floriculture sector, namely the FLORI-PEF-CR (Floriculture – Product Environmental Footprint – Category Rules).


All these ambitions are part of DFG’s sustainability strategy IMPACT25, whereby DFG wants its activities to continuously have a positive impact on the environment as well as society. The aim is to do this together with the employees of all DFG companies and their supply chain partners.


As far as 2023 is concerned, besides the ambitions above, IMPACT25 will also ensure all necessary preparations for complying with the EU CSRD report that will be compulsory as of 2024. It will also introduce complete due diligence, for which DFG is already well prepared due to the IRBC (International Responsible Business Conduct) Agreement for the Floriculture Sector (in Dutch: IMVO-Convenant Sierteelt).

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